Peregrine Falcon visits Holyoke City Hall

(c) Greg Saulmon 2011

A few people have told me they’ve seen falcons in Holyoke, and I finally saw one myself Friday morning.

The falcon landed on the weathervane way at the top of City Hall’s tower when it was still dark out. I was already running late for work, and I thought what I’d seen was probably a hawk, but I ran back up to my apartment for a longer lens anyway. The bird was still there when I came back, so I went up to the top deck of the parking garage on Dwight Street.

As the sun finally began to break the horizon and splash its honey light on the bird and the ornamental metal, I realized I wasn’t looking at a hawk.

The Peregrine Falcon was my favorite bird when I was a kid, thanks to Tom Ricardi’s visits to Jackson Street School in Northampton. Ricardi operates the Massachusetts Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Center in Conway, and when he’d visit my elementary school classroom he’d bring a falcon named Pilgrim. I couldn’t take my eyes off that bird.

The Vermont Bald Eagle Restoration Initiative has a short profile of Ricardi — read it here.

And here are two more shots from Friday morning:

(c) Greg Saulmon 2011

(c) Greg Saulmon 2011

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  1. Jennifer Myszkowski said:

    Greg, I love this blog.

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