Tuesday sighting: Bald Eagle at the bridge to South Hadley falls

The eagle is a regular at Veterans Memorial Bridge between Holyoke and South Hadley Falls.

So am I.

I went out this evening to see if I could spot it, and sure enough it followed nearly the same pattern as last Wednesday: From south of the bridge, it flew over the bridge and landed in a dead tree (same branch as last week) on an island in the middle of the river.

After taking a drive through the Falls, I came back to the bridge and the eagle was still sitting on its branch. The sun was below the horizon. Eventually the eagle flew down and landed in a shallow spot in the river. Seconds later, another eagle — I hadn’t spotted it earlier — followed. They stood in the river several yards from each other. At that point, though, it was too dark and they were too far away for any pictures.

A shot of the first eagle at right, and a few below.

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