Saturday’s Holyoke sightings: Waxwings and a cormorant

I had just enough time for a short walk Saturday afternoon, and I’m glad I got out.

Cedar Waxwings were a favorite of mine growing up, but I hadn’t seen one in years. I was out behind the paper mills by the river when I spotted several in a tree just beyond the flood control wall:

(c) Greg Saulmon 2012

A quick scramble up a ladder, to the top of the wall, and I had a nice vantage point:

(c) Greg Saulmon 2012

I took a walk out onto the bridge to see if either of the eagles were out. I didn’t see them, but a Double-crested Cormorant did make a low pass over the bridge while I was there:

(c) Greg Saulmon 2012

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