Female hawk from Race Street nest euthanized after suffering multiple wing, leg injuries

The Race Street nest in March, 2012.

The adult female Red-tailed Hawk from the nest on a Race Street fire escape, whose chicks have captivated residents of the neighborhood, city, and beyond this spring, was euthanized after suffering severe injuries in May.

The hawk was brought to Tom Ricardi’s Massachusetts Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Center in Conway on May 23 after she was found in a parking lot on Dwight Street. Ricardi said Friday that he made the difficult decision to euthanize the bird after determining that her injuries — which included multiple fractures in both wings and a broken leg — were beyond rehabilitative treatment.

“She couldn’t even stand in order to feed herself,” Ricardi said, adding, “She might have survived without the leg fracture.”

Another Holyoke hawk that Ricardi took in around the same time — a year-old juvenile from an unknown location in the city — is doing well, he said.

The chicks from the Race Street nest fledged on Monday, and the adult male of the pair has had the help of a new female partner in providing food for the fledglings. The two birds sat side-by-side on the weathervane at City Hall Thursday.

“They do move on fast,” Ricardi said.

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