Sunday walk in Holyoke: Goldfinches, an eagle sighting and more

I took a walk behind several of Holyoke’s former paper mills Sunday, spotting a few species I haven’t seen in the city before: a Carolina Wren and a Warbling Vireo.

I thought, at one point, that I caught the orange flash of a Baltimore Oriole, but the bird stayed well-hidden in a treetop and I couldn’t get a good visual confirmation. I’ve seen Orioles in this area before, and always keep my eyes out for them on these walks.

Several Goldfinches were feeding in high weeds at the site of the former Nonotuck Paper Mill, taking occasional breaks to preen on a set of utility lines. I’ve seen Goldfinches downtown once or twice this summer, but this was the first time I’ve had a chance to really observe them at length.

As a final treat, one of the Bald Eagles that lives along the river burst out of the trees as I was walking back to my truck.

Photos from the afternoon below:

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  1. Lorrin said:

    Hi Greg, I wanted to let you know that on Monday, I saw what appeared to be a golden eagle on Bicentennial Hwy. in Springfield. It was a dark bird but I didn’t see any markings except for some white near the head/neck. Wingspan was about as wide as my car which is over 5 feet. I could be wrong about the species, but it was far bigger than a hawk. Most beautiful bird I’ve seen in person!

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