Tom Ricardi releases Great-Horned Owl at Mt. Tom State Reservation

I headed up to see Tom Ricardi‘s program at Mt. Tom today, and got a nice surprise when he released a newly rehabilitated Great-Horned Owl. A few shots from the release below:

(c) Greg Saulmon 2012

(c) Greg Saulmon 2012

(c) Greg Saulmon 2012

(c) Greg Saulmon 2012

(c) Greg Saulmon 2012





  1. Tom:
    could me eyes decieve me, Hadley 2/5/13 pair of peregrines feeding ech other? Do we have peregrines in Hadley?

    • Lisa:

      Your eyes are not deceiving you. Peregrines are often spotted in Hadley — I believe they are nesting under the Coolidge Bridge. They are also regular visitors to downtown Holyoke, as I’ve documented in earlier posts.

      A pair in Springfield alternates nesting on the Monarch Place building and Memorial Bridge in Springfield; and, there are nests atop the UMass Library, under the Mass. Turnpike bridge over the CT River, and on Mount Sugarloaf. They have really rebounded in the area over the past 30 years!

      – Greg

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