Cooper’s Hawk in Springfield’s South End

(c) Greg Saulmon 2012

A Cooper’s Hawk roosts in Springfield’s South End. (c) Greg Saulmon 2012

After several sightings of Cooper’s Hawks in Holyoke in November and early December, I wasn’t too surprised to see one perched in a tree on Margaret Street in Springfield’s South End the other morning.

A man stopped his car as I peered up into a tree, where two crows were scolding the hawk.

“You see a bird?” he said.

“Cooper’s Hawk,” I said.

He asked what the differences were between Red-tailed and Cooper’s Hawks. I rattled off a few field marks to watch for.

“I could tell you saw something. I’m a bird guy, too,” he said before driving off.

So, are we seeing an influx of Cooper’s Hawks in Massachusetts as we head into winter?

I posed the question to Mass Audubon,  via Twitter.

“Not really,” was the reply. “Cooper’s hawks are increasing their overall population to the point where they’re just becoming more conspicuous.”

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  1. danr26 said:

    Several times a week over the last month, I’ve spotted a merlin on Wilbraham Av. next to the ball fields at Springfield College. It perches atop a tree, especially toward dusk. I’ve also seen two of its kill sites next to Blake Hall.

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